my written messes. the ramble i think
is never complete.

collage of thoughts,
birthed on paper by ink,

masquerades as poetry.
The Death of the Sun

I’m sitting here and I am wondering about what happens when the world ends, or rather, what happens when life on Earth ends. What happens when the Sun dies? By then would human civilization have reached new heights? Would we have entered a new age of space colonization? I wonder if we could even travel far enough. How far can a space ship travel before it runs out of food source? Can it be self-sustaining? Can people survive on board a space craft leaving the star of its home planet? How far away from the Sun can a human person travel before freezing to death? Or can heating systems keep us warm enough? If electricity ran out, does that mean we lose every bit of chronicled human history as the ship floats on through the vacuum?

It is interesting that we see space as negative space. As an artist who looks at the relationship between positive and negative spaces, I wonder why we never view space as the positive space, and everything else as the negative spaces floating and shooting in-between it. 

Just random thoughts I thought I’d jot down. You’ll probably think I’m crazy now. Well, good.


Once Upon A Dream - Lana del Rey


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Your Friends and Rapists

This might be the most brilliant thing on rape culture I’ve ever read. She says it all. Everything thought you can think about it. 

"If you want men to think you’re pretty (and I do) they will often stop thinking there. If you are the only girl in a room full of men, you are always only ‘the girl.’ These are rules."


She is absolutely fucking spot on.
Will you remember now?

Your brain works in a funny way. You beg and plead with it to remember the little nuances while the present is still enfolding. You try to remember the colors of his shirt, the lighting in the room that hits just so. The greys of his hair mixing with the untouched strands. The sound of the voice so familiar and forgotten as it passes.You are desperate for this memory, but in few days time, it will be gone. The only thing so easily recalled is the desperation to cling onto the time you had and the moment slipped right through your fingers. It whisked right passed your eyes. It wiped right from your mind. Where is it now? Didi it ever happen? 

Where has all the hope gone?

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